WOODBINE is a taste of small town America at its best!

Woodbine, Georgia is a fairly small town, population 1,283.  You could probably spit from one end of it to the other.  But if you get lost, well, fer gosh sakes, stop and ask anybody in town where to find the Woodbine Opry. There's also signs up on Highway 17 to show you where to turn.

While you're cruising down Highway 17 be sure to keep an eye out for the legendary Stardust Motel and the Junque Shop with the sign out front that says, "We sell dead folk's stuff". The little diner on Hwy. 17 across from the turn into the Courthouse has some of the world's best biscuits and they serve homemade jelly in Ball canning jars and the waitress will snap her chewing gum at you and call you "honey".

  Woodbine is a down-home place and we like it just like that, yessiree.

About the name "Woodbine"
WOODBINE is the common name of certain thicket creeper vines or honeysuckle vines.

Honeysuckles (genus Lonicera) are arching shrubs or twining vines, many with sweetly-scented, bell-shaped flowers. There are over 180 species of honeysuckle, the most common of which are  Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle, White honeysuckle, or Chinese honeysuckle) and Lonicera sempervirens (Coral honeysuckle, Trumpet honeysuckle, or Woodbine honeysuckle). (Information courtesy of Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia.)

That little white woodbine flower is popular here in Georgia, creeping up over fences and walls, so we used it in the design of our website. See the Woodbine flower on the links names and other website graphics. 


Woodbine, Georgia is where you’ll
find the WOODBINE OPRY-it’s an open mike jam session with some of the best musicians in the Deep South! We’ve got all the old-timey music you've been
hankering for!

  NEWS for the 
Woodbine Opry!
To see the latest news about the Woodbine Opry, visit www.woodbineopry.wordpress.com

As of October 2011-PLEASE NOTE:
The Opry is not serving meals at this time--
we will advise when meals resume.

New audience and cute kid pictures have been added,
a list of Memory bricks is now
shown on the Cake Raffle Page,
and we've updated the 
musicians pages. 


Opry music nights on Friday and Saturday are
still going strong, so come on out and join us

FRIDAYS - Acoustic Bluegrass & Gospel
SATURDAYS-Amplified Country 

 Admission to the music is free - donations cheerfully accepted.
Music starts at 7:00 PM
Cake Raffle/Intermission at 9:00 PM
We call it a night at 10 PM!

The Woodbine Opry was recently featured on the
Georgia Public Broadcasting Georgia Traveler series!

Click the photo below to view the video-
video will open in a new window, close to return here.

Georgia Traveler

Be sure to view all the other videos about Woodbine Opry on YouTube!

If you play an instrument, come join in! If you just sing, talk to us and
if we know the song, we'll play the instruments to accompany you!

 Acoustic instruments are welcome on Friday evenings--guitar, mandolin, 
fiddle, dobro, upright bass, banjo, harmonica, accordion, autoharp, 
other acoustic instruments--if it doesn't need to be amplified, you're
welcome to bring it Fridays--we've even had bagpipes here before! 
Check in with Friday host Hoydt Drury on Friday before the show starts, or in
advance by
calling Hoydt at
(912) 576-3027, or by email hhdrury@tds.net
to get in the lineup.

 Electric instruments, keyboards/piano, pedal steel, amplifiers and drums 
are allowed on Saturday evenings only. This night is not an open jam session. 
The music is provided by the Woodbine Opry Band and the Saturday night host
 is Bob Staats. If you are interested in performing, contact Bob to check 
on getting scheduled into the line-up. Only those musicians that are invited 
by the host will be allowed to sit in with the band. 
You can contact Bob via e-mail at bob.staats@comcast.net 
or by calling 912-270-1858

The Woodbine Opry provides microphones and sound reinforcement
both nights for vocalists and lead performers.

The Woodbine Opry is a community function and alcohol is not allowed on the premises.
 Smoking is allowed outdoors near the front entrance and ash cans are provided.

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